Today it is quite easy to find copywriters (essay writers). Very many people try to earn copywriting. Another question is that not all have enough knowledge to engage in this. The easiest way to find a copywriter is to buy an essay on the copywriting or content exchange. The most important plus for the customer here is the low price. The main disadvantage is the low quality of the received texts, which may not sell the goods or services for which they are ordered at all. A little more reliable, but also more expensive way of getting the text can be an appeal to freelancers (although freelancers can be called those who work on the exchange of copywriting or content). You can find such people by ads on various boards, on forums of copywriters (where you can place your request for writing text, as well as look at different branches where users advertise their services), and also what is very popular among specialists of different profiles, in social networks, especially on Facebook. Many specialists even “bother” by creating their own sites, where they present themselves, exhibit examples of their work. And, of course, nobody canceled “word of mouth”: a friend or a close friend who personally used the services of a specialist and liked the result, it is unlikely that he will deceive you, and you yourself will see this result. Finally, the most expensive, but also the most reliable way is to contact specialized studios or copywriting agencies. Price list here will be in the thousands and even tens of thousands of rubles, but the result, as they say, is worth it. This text (and indeed any good text) will lead customers from the site for many years. Agencies conclude contracts with clients and are responsible for the result of their work. They usually value their reputation very much, and if the text does not satisfy you, they can correct it. How much copywriting can cost? Cost of good copywriter services Before ordering copywriting, you need to decide for yourself what you want from this text and what your campaign budget is. The cheapest way is to apply to the copywriting or content exchange. However, at this price there are still quite a few newcomers who make their first steps in copywriting. Also there are people who take just quantity, trying to earn a more or less significant amount, to collect as many orders as possible. In both cases, in the end, quality suffers. True, mostly on the stock exchanges, good copywriters make only the first couple of orders for five rubles, and then go to a higher stage, constantly developing. Further on the degree of high cost follow freelance copywriters. Here, however, you need to work a bit before you find a good specialist. Finally, the most expensive are the studios and copywriting agencies. They have people in the staff, each of which specializes in one or several subjects, and together they can write professionally on different topics. They cost can be different, depending on what text you need. True, the high cost of work in agencies is compensated by the fact that there are editors and other specialists in their staff who can bring the text to the ideal state. From this article you have received enough information about what is business copywriting, where and how you can order texts. Now you decide what and how to choose. We can only wish you good luck!