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Business schools want applicants to submit more concise writing essays or even use slideshows or videos. Leading business schools are looking for students who can express their thoughts clearly and concisely. The French philosopher Blaise Pascal has a famous saying that he does not have time for short letters, so he writes long ones. The ability to create informative, but concise texts is rare. It was one of the reasons why from applicants who apply to the leading business schools, now require fewer essays. And those that need to be provided must be short.
“In the first place we put a clear, concise and reasoned expression of thoughts. And the reduction in the number and volume of the essay makes candidates think about what they want to share, “explains Kate Smith, deputy dean for student admissions and financial assistance to Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Here in 2014 they began to demand 2 compositions instead of 3 and were asked to give more concise answers.

“To write briefly is really a difficult task.”
Harvard School of Business today asks for just one essay. For comparison, a decade ago they were 7. Students applying for the academic year 2018 are interested in what they would tell their friends at the rate after they arrived on campus. At the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where 5 years ago 4 essays were required, today’s applicants are asked to write only 500 words. At Columbia University, in one of the written assignments, students are invited to talk about their plans for life after studying for an MBA, meeting only 50 characters. And this is only a little bit more than a third of the average tweet. This number appeared as a result of a gradual decrease in the volume with 200 characters, used 4 years ago.
“Reduction is definitely a major trend over the past 4-5 years,” said Matt Simonds, co-author of The MBA Admissions Edge and one of Fortuna Admissions’ directors advising applicants for business schools.
Symonds explained the changes and the congestion of the admissions commissions, connected with a sharp, almost record growth in the number of candidates. At the moment, this trend is typical only for elite schools, but he expects other universities to follow their example.

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Business schools are experimenting with various formats of the essay.
This autumn, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business asked candidates to take 1 out of 16 school-related photographs and use it as a starting point for discussing the topic “Why Booth is What I Need”. At the same time, applicants were offered “without hesitation” to present presentations or choose “for their answer any format that seems most organic.”
The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management in 2012 introduced a video essay, replacing them with 2 written essays. The same idea was used by Yale University School of Management and Northwestern’s Kellogg. All 3 universities use a platform that offers a question and gives limited time for preparation. Due to this, the focus is aimed precisely at the applicant’s response, and not on his / her productivity.

Why do admission committee members like the video format?
Applicants are harder to “pull” on this format.
“Unfortunately, due to the proliferation of messaging sites and consultants on entrance exams trying to convince students that there are” right “answers to such questions, many statements turn out to be similar to each other,” wrote in her blog post, representing video format, Niki da Silva, director of HR and recruitment of Rotman students. In addition, according to Smith, the ability to introduce oneself properly during a videoconference is an extremely important skill in business communication. She recalls: one of the weighty arguments in favor of the video essay was her dialogue with one of the students of Kellogg, who mentioned that the first round of her interview at Nike included a videoconference.

How to prepare? You do not need to seem too well trained, Symonds warns. You must use your presentation skills and thoughtfulness and behave “clearly spontaneously.” Tell us about your goals and life succinctly, and after losing a thread of reasoning, “breathe, calm down and return to normal.”

The review is a small text (the standard volume of 1800-3600 characters, one or two pages of A4 format), containing a review, analysis and analysis of the work.

The review happens:

Official – is printed in a government or departmental publication on the occasion of the publication of a book of national importance. Writes strictly chancellery, with observance of all norms of etiquette, neutral or restrained-laudatory.

Functional – to create an impression of the book in the light of specific tasks and objectives: how much the product is suitable for a particular publisher and series, how well it can be sold, whether it covers any specific issues. It is written clearly and intelligibly, the content is more important than the form.

Informative – for potential readers and buyers, in order to help make a decision – it is worth reading or not. It is written simply, it is possible to add a pinch of beautifulness and a drop of analysis, it is recommended to crown with a couple of quotes in greater detail.

An essay on the topic is a discussion of the vanity of everything with the use of the book as a starting point. The more beautiful and mysterious is written, the better, the reviewer’s flight of thoughts is limited only by their presence.

Publicistic – the author focuses attention on the problem, from which society is about to bend. It is written brightly, harshly, hlostko, necessarily disputable – that more copies are broken during the discussion.

Critical – the work (and often the author) is anatomized, dissected and disassembled according to the letters: what he said he wanted to say, what the readers thought, which of them made a mistake and how well that clever reviewer noticed all this. The main requirements – to follow the logic, do not go down to a simple throwing litter, to argue their position. And also to ensure that in the text of the review there were no mistakes: a critic who owns the material worse than the criticized one is a miserable sight.

Proplachenny – obviously laudatory or malicious review of the book. When writing it is important not to overdo it with tar or syrup, otherwise it will even throw a customer, and he will not pay.

If we would speak about diploma in common it consists of few parts introduction, theoretical, practical parts, and conclusion. But to write down any of this part isn’t easy just because this is not n essay. This is scientific research which you want to show and defend at the front of the commission.

One of the main requirements for the theoretical part of your scientific research is coherence and consistency. It would seem that this is the voice of Captain Obviousness. Many of graduates have not just big problems with logic but  – wild problems. Why is this happening? One of the main reasons is wrong structure of the theoretical part or just the structure of this part look like city after storm.

What should you do with this problem? Making a clear structure of these theoretical part, standing on a specific way of writing. To adhere to this style is necessary throughout the process of writing the theory.

Perhaps the construction of the theoretical part will build on the study of individual aspects of the problem (for example, political, economic, cultural reforms of the state).

The historical principle of writing is often used – for example, in the analysis of history of your subject or learning of the chronology of what happens or another ways about how to understand the problem

Tip. Take as a basis the principle of presentation in one of the authoritative works on your topic, unless the teacher insists on another.

Having defined the principle of presentation, work out the structure of the theoretical part. A rough draft you should have already made at the stage of drawing up the plan of the thesis. Now it’s time to maximally specify this plan, if necessary, making changes taking into account the collected material.


Working on the structure of the theoretical chapter, do not forget about the balance of the components by volume. These part of the diploma is how many pages are allocated for it? The scope of the theoretical part should allow full opening of the topic of the thesis, and be careful with “water”. The normal amount of the theory is from 50% to 75% of the main part, which, in turn, is 80% of the diploma. Thus, with a standard amount of diploma work of 50 to 65 sheets and the availability of a practical part, 20-25 sheets you would out in the theory.

Applications – are an optional element of the master’s thesis, their availability depends on the specifics of the work (topic, specialty) and the wishes of the author himself.

Why do you need applications in the master’s thesis?

Applications are additional part of the work in which the author (essay writer) collects and systematizes the illustrative material. This material helps to expand the main text of the work without overloading it with secondary information, which prevents the reader from concentrating on the problem. This part – an indicator of how competently the author is able to select illustrative material for the disclosure of the topic. Applications can include the following elements: drawings; illustrations; scheme; blueprints; tables; graphics; questionnaires; copies of various documents; instructions. Filling applications depends on the theme of the work. If it refers to technical specialties, the candidate is unlikely to do without the schemes, graphs and drawings that can be placed in the text itself or collected in applications. The second option is more convenient, since these elements in such a case both on the palm and with them are very convenient to work with. In the master’s studies of humanitarian specialties, applications are needed much less often, but sometimes there is a need to put in them graphs, tables, diagrams, drawings (for example, for specialists in the field of history, geography, sociology) or questionnaire (for psychologists).

Application design options

Applications can be a continuation of the main text of the work, in which case they are located after the list of literature. The second option is to assemble the application elements in a separate volume of work. The first option is more common, as it has such advantages: it takes less time to design. More compact. Requires less effort in registration. A separate volume with applications is usually done if you need to submit a lot of illustrative material. The number of application components is determined by the author himself, it also depends on the features of the topic. Drawing up applications does not create special difficulties, but there are some rules. Applications are compiled in parallel with the main text of the work (theoretical and practical parts) in the course of work on it. Correctly to do the reference in the text and at once to make out an element in applications that any of them was not lost. Application materials must necessarily be associated with the main text of the work, unnecessary components (for quantity) cannot be added in any case. Usually, applications are placed in the order in which they (or links to them) occur in the work. Each application must have a signature and a serial number, they must correspond to the links in the main sections.

The main requirements for the design of applications. Applications are made according to generally accepted standards and the methodology of your own department, if you are not aware of them, they are listed below or you can find it on the service essay writer. Actually, you should always pay attention to such requirements: the name of this part of the master’s work (“APPENDICES”) is placed at the top of the sheet, in the center of the line, typed in bold capital letters; this section is published in the table of contents, prescribes it after the list of literature, respectively, with the location in the study itself; The font parameters of the signatures are the same as for the main text of the work, in some methodologies there are requirements to print them in italics. Our service has made a few tips for making applications a bit, but they help to avoid the most common mistakes. If you are not sure whether to include your application in your research, consult your scientific supervisor or with the essay writer’s service, he will definitely give good advice. If you decide to make applications, make a list of elements that you include in the illustrative material when writing a work. After writing the work and applications, check the presence of all the elements in the list.

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