Applications – are an optional element of the master’s thesis, their availability depends on the specifics of the work (topic, specialty) and the wishes of the author himself.

Why do you need applications in the master’s thesis?

Applications are additional part of the work in which the author (essay writer) collects and systematizes the illustrative material. This material helps to expand the main text of the work without overloading it with secondary information, which prevents the reader from concentrating on the problem. This part – an indicator of how competently the author is able to select illustrative material for the disclosure of the topic. Applications can include the following elements: drawings; illustrations; scheme; blueprints; tables; graphics; questionnaires; copies of various documents; instructions. Filling applications depends on the theme of the work. If it refers to technical specialties, the candidate is unlikely to do without the schemes, graphs and drawings that can be placed in the text itself or collected in applications. The second option is more convenient, since these elements in such a case both on the palm and with them are very convenient to work with. In the master’s studies of humanitarian specialties, applications are needed much less often, but sometimes there is a need to put in them graphs, tables, diagrams, drawings (for example, for specialists in the field of history, geography, sociology) or questionnaire (for psychologists).

Application design options

Applications can be a continuation of the main text of the work, in which case they are located after the list of literature. The second option is to assemble the application elements in a separate volume of work. The first option is more common, as it has such advantages: it takes less time to design. More compact. Requires less effort in registration. A separate volume with applications is usually done if you need to submit a lot of illustrative material. The number of application components is determined by the author himself, it also depends on the features of the topic. Drawing up applications does not create special difficulties, but there are some rules. Applications are compiled in parallel with the main text of the work (theoretical and practical parts) in the course of work on it. Correctly to do the reference in the text and at once to make out an element in applications that any of them was not lost. Application materials must necessarily be associated with the main text of the work, unnecessary components (for quantity) cannot be added in any case. Usually, applications are placed in the order in which they (or links to them) occur in the work. Each application must have a signature and a serial number, they must correspond to the links in the main sections.

The main requirements for the design of applications. Applications are made according to generally accepted standards and the methodology of your own department, if you are not aware of them, they are listed below or you can find it on the service essay writer. Actually, you should always pay attention to such requirements: the name of this part of the master’s work (“APPENDICES”) is placed at the top of the sheet, in the center of the line, typed in bold capital letters; this section is published in the table of contents, prescribes it after the list of literature, respectively, with the location in the study itself; The font parameters of the signatures are the same as for the main text of the work, in some methodologies there are requirements to print them in italics. Our service has made a few tips for making applications a bit, but they help to avoid the most common mistakes. If you are not sure whether to include your application in your research, consult your scientific supervisor or with the essay writer’s service, he will definitely give good advice. If you decide to make applications, make a list of elements that you include in the illustrative material when writing a work. After writing the work and applications, check the presence of all the elements in the list.