If we would speak about diploma in common it consists of few parts introduction, theoretical, practical parts, and conclusion. But to write down any of this part isn’t easy just because this is not n essay. This is scientific research which you want to show and defend at the front of the commission.

One of the main requirements for the theoretical part of your scientific research is coherence and consistency. It would seem that this is the voice of Captain Obviousness. Many of graduates have not just big problems with logic but  – wild problems. Why is this happening? One of the main reasons is wrong structure of the theoretical part or just the structure of this part look like city after storm.

What should you do with this problem? Making a clear structure of these theoretical part, standing on a specific way of writing. To adhere to this style is necessary throughout the process of writing the theory.

Perhaps the construction of the theoretical part will build on the study of individual aspects of the problem (for example, political, economic, cultural reforms of the state).

The historical principle of writing is often used – for example, in the analysis of history of your subject or learning of the chronology of what happens or another ways about how to understand the problem

Tip. Take as a basis the principle of presentation in one of the authoritative works on your topic, unless the teacher insists on another.

Having defined the principle of presentation, work out the structure of the theoretical part. A rough draft you should have already made at the stage of drawing up the plan of the thesis. Now it’s time to maximally specify this plan, if necessary, making changes taking into account the collected material.


Working on the structure of the theoretical chapter, do not forget about the balance of the components by volume. These part of the diploma is how many pages are allocated for it? The scope of the theoretical part should allow full opening of the topic of the thesis, and be careful with “water”. The normal amount of the theory is from 50% to 75% of the main part, which, in turn, is 80% of the diploma. Thus, with a standard amount of diploma work of 50 to 65 sheets and the availability of a practical part, 20-25 sheets you would out in the theory.